When asked why APC is the best option, we have a very simple answer. Not only are we exceptionally effective at combating pests of all kinds, we also do this in an environmentally friendly way. Therefore, you are guaranteed effective results of outstanding quality, that are also responsible. In short, it is a win-win situation

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At APC our main focus is unburdening the farmer. That is why our own pest controllers perform the whole process and coordinate it completely. This is the only way in which we can effectively combat the pests and offer our customers a complete guarantee. This requires discipline as well as expertise regarding agriculture and legislation. The same goes for the developments in the field of pest control. This is how, together with our customers, we contribute to responsible food production.

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Online insight

After every visit from one of our specialists you will receive a report with our findings. You can always see the status of all of our activities at your farm. 

To be able to help you even better, we have developed a personalized system where you can view your custom control plan. Here, you can quickly see all details of the control plan, the log, and all of our findings.

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