Why APC?

Why choose for APC?

The answer to the question of why APC is the best choice, we have a simple answer. We are not only particularly effective in controlling all kinds of pests, we also do this in a sustainable manner. This means you are guaranteed the most effective results and highest quality, that are also sustainable. It is the ultimate win-win situation.

Why APC makes a difference

Not all damage caused by pests is always visible. The pests that cause the most damage are rodents such as rats and mice, and flying insects. These are the problems that farmers can have to deal with:

  • gnawing damage
  • Contamination of feed
  • Digging and subsidence on the company site
  • Transmission of diseases

All the benefits of organic


100% natural
Safe for humans, animals and the environment
No resistance build-up
Easy in use
Guaranteed result
Easily applicable

Vliegen bestrijding

Fly control

An effective approach to the occurrence and prevention of flies in and around stables with livestock.

Rodent control

A professional and responsible total approach for rats and mice on and around an agricultural company.
Biologische beheersing

Organic control

Keeping an agricultural business free from rodents and flies without the use of biocides. It’s possible!

Red mite control

Several 100% biological control methods for the work of red mites in poultry houses.

The consequences of gnawing damage

The consequences of pests that are immediately visible is gnawing damage. Rats and mice not only leave feces behind, but also chew on electric wiring. This can cause the electricity to go out or a short circuit can occur. The isolation material can also be a very popular target of rodents.

Contamination of feed

Something that is less visible but can still cause a lot of problems is the contamination of feed. As a consequence of this your animals will not eat the food. This can lead to production loss, or worse.

Holes and subsidence on company grounds

Especially with brown rats there is a possibility that they dig and cause subsidence on your company grounds. This is because brown rats chew on the covers of feed pits, to then hide in the holes nearby the feedplace. Both ditches and street work can then collapse because of the tunnels that brown rats make.

Transmission of diseases to your animals

The fourth reason why you should use APC, is transmission of diseases. This consequence of pests is relatively unknown among farmers while it can have a disastrous impact on the operation of a company. Think about diseases such as Swine Fever, Salmonella, Udder Inflammation, Listeria, Avian Flu, Foot-and-Mouth Disease and many other diseases.

Hygiene is enormously important

Due to all of these reasons hygiene is of extreme importance at agricultural companies. Often farmers have already taken action by building hygiene locks and shower rooms. Very good. However, these measures are aimed at people. The measures also need to be taken to ensure the hygiene in case of pests are of a totally different nature. This is also why you use APC.


Specialized in the agricultural sector

In the Netherlands, there are many different pest control companies active, but few of those are specialized in agriculture, which APC is. All of our employees have years of experience in this. We are completely oriented towards results, completely taking away the worries of the farmer, custom made control plans and responsible pest control.

Reduce biocide use by 90%

The responsible control methods are made to reduce biocide use by 90%. This is because the production of food has changed a lot over the past decade. The same goes for laws and regulations. That is why APC has been using natural pest control for more than 20 years. We do this, among other ways, by deploying predatory flies, parasitic wasps and predatory mites.


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