Territory guards

A environmentally friendly mouse and rat repeller

Mice, rats and other pests can be extremely annoying and even dangerous when they move around agricultural or industrial plants. APC therefore focuses on controlling pests without the use of toxins. APC therefore draws up pest control plans in which the prevention of rodents is central, but in which nature conservation also plays a significant role. With over 20 years of experience in pest control under our parent company MS Schippers, APC offers environmentally friendly alternatives to the usual harmful products such as poisons, traps, traps and bins. The innovative territory surveillance developed by APC’s in-house experts leads the way to a more peaceful relationship between humans and other species. APC’s territory monitoring also responds to the new biocide legislation that will be enforced in the Netherlands from 2023.

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How does territory guarding control pests?

Instead of a poison, territory guard poles use volatile oils with fragrances that scare away mice, rats and other rodents. The poles are about 20 centimeters high and contain a store of aromatic oil that slowly evaporates on its own and is then dispersed by wind and rain. The fragrance in this oil, also known as Organic Rodent Control Tupo, or ORCT, has a similar effect to citronella in insects: the substance is not harmful to the animals, but mice and rats hate the smell that they prefer to avoid the entire area.

Where can territory guard posts be placed?

Territory guards are very suitable for the control of rodents in, for example, stables. In general, a territory guard post is placed every 15 meters, but houses with openings, doors or windows in the sides will require more posts. Proper placement of the posts is, however, essential for optimal operation and also depends on the house design and size. That is why APC develops specific control plans for customers, ensuring the efficient and sustainable use of the territory guards and checking three times a year whether enough essential oil is still available in each pole. As of January 2020, APC will install territory guards with accompanying control plan in various agricultural companies. Would you like to know more or are you curious about the options for integrating an environmentally friendly control plan into your livestock farm? Then contact us here.

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An environmentally friendly solution

Agro Pest Control has developed specific control plans for customers, ensuring the efficient and sustainable use of the territory guards and checking three times a year whether enough essential oil is still available in each pole.

Biologische bestrijding

For whom is territory surveillance beneficial?

With changes in the legislation on the use of rodenticides by livestock farmers scheduled for 2023, the use of anticoagulant-based poisons will be restricted. These rodent control blood thinners are currently very popular in the agricultural sector. However, the poison is hardly biodegradable and therefore remains in the environment for a long time, making it responsible for poisoning other animal species that eat rodents or otherwise come into contact with the poison, directly or indirectly. This has serious negative effects on the populations of important wild animal species such as birds of prey and marters, as well as endangering human and domestic health. By replacing poison with territorial guards, both people and their family as well as the surrounding nature benefit. Moreover, from 2023 it will also become considerably more difficult to use rodenticides as a livestock farmer or pest control agent, and certification will be required. It is then simpler to switch to a sustainable and effective alternative solution on time.

territory guards

How effective are territory guards?

As proof that the preventive approach to APC by means of territory guards actually works well, the presence of rodents after installation of the territory surveillance is intensively monitored. When refilling the pots with aromatic oil every four months, some installed bait boxes will also be checked to show that the control plan is working as expected.

As more and more national restrictions are placed on the use of bait and pesticides in agricultural companies as part of a progressive Dutch environmental policy and the fact that rodents build up resistance to the toxins used, there is a great need for innovative alternatives. APC therefore believes that territory guards and pest control based on prevention is the future. Agro Pest Control has therefore set itself the goal of being able to control all pests completely poison-free by 2025.

What are the benefits of territory guards?

Pest control is a priority for food producers and agricultural companies, whereby efficient operation is central. Globally, the protection of ecosystems is also very important. Territory guards offer a solution that brings these two interests together by supplying a product that offers effective and durable rodent protection, but is also completely biodegradable and does not pose any danger to humans, flora, fauna or the environment. It is an important step towards a world in which people and wild nature can continue to coexist.


Agro Pest Control has been active in the prevention of pests for over 25 years. With all the experience and knowledge that we have gained in this time, we can effectively help you prevent pest infestations. This will successfully combat all problems and possible disastrous consequences of pests on your crops and your turnover.







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