Do you have an agricultural business and are you looking for professional rat control? At APC we offer you tailor-made solutions.

Effective rat control in the agricultural sector

APC has specialized in pest control in the agricultural sector for over 25 years. Rat control is a big part of our pest control services. You have come to the right place for effective rat control in the agricultural sector. In doing so, APC uses biological pesticides as much as possible, which is good for the animals and good for the environment. You can also count on a team of experts in the field of rat control at APC. We have many years of experience in the agricultural sector, which means that you are assured of high-quality rat control in your livestock farming and that you have complete peace of mind.

Rat control for livestock farming

Pests on the farm are a common problem and can be very difficult for farmers to combat. Many livestock farms are bothered by rats. Every rat is one too many and to combat rat nuisance, appropriate measures must be taken to ensure that the rats already present are caught or chased away immediately and will not return. Professional rat control offers the solution. APC is happy to help you combat the rats that are already present. We can also work with you to draw up a thorough control plan, with which we ensure that the rats will not return.

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Fly control

An effective approach to the occurrence and prevention of flies in and around stables with livestock.

Rodent control

A professional and responsible total approach for rats and mice on and around an agricultural company.
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Organic control

Keeping an agricultural business free from rodents and flies without the use of biocides. It’s possible!
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Rat control: action plan

At APC, we are happy to help you control rats. Prevention is better than cure and that is why we draw up an action plan to tackle rats nuisance on your farm by means of professional rat control. The action plan at APC consists of a professional control plan in which hygiene is absolutely paramount. With our professional control plan, we prevent a rat problem from becoming extensive and we try to keep the damage to a minimum.

Rat control prevents many problems

Rats on the farm are not only very annoying but also very dangerous. For example, rats can transmit diseases to your animals and cause unrest in the stables. This can lead to production loss or worse. Professional rat control offers the solution. Drawing up a thorough control plan is very important to prevent rat problems. That is precisely why we choose to draw up a control plan with you in order to keep rats away preventively:

  • hygiene: the cleaner the stables and the surroundings, the smaller the chance that pests will survive;
  • barrier measures: closing cracks and holes;
  • control plan: crucial to keep nuisance under control.








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View results directly online

Especially for this control plan, APC has developed a system that allows you to view the results online. Through this digital registration you can see, for example, the details of the control plan that we have drawn up together. In addition, an online log is kept as well as all kinds of other findings. In the case of rats, our system offers barcode scanning. In practice, this means that each bait box is outfitted with a unique barcode. When we carry out our checks on your premises, these bait boxes are scanned by us and you can immediately see the result online

Using organic products

APC is continuously improving and innovating. For example, we develop biological rat control with our own test companies. The same applies to fighting other rodents, but also flies, maggots and red mites. In this way, among other things, the use of biocides is being increasingly reduced. Because these biological control methods are not easy, we have developed a special training program for this. Our rat control with biological products is good for people, animals and the environment and is just as effective as the regular control methods.

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Control experts in the agricultural sector

In addition to APC’s special training program, our employees also regularly attend training courses and courses. As a result, they are always aware of the latest developments in pest control. This means that you can rely on our expertise without any worries and you are assured of the most optimal and responsible result. Also organic and extremely effective.

Rat control quality marks

Our versatility of quality marks and registrations also gives you as a customer the certainty that you are dealing with professionals. For example, in the field of rat control and rat control, we have the Pest Management Companies (KPMB) quality mark. But it does not stop there. In addition to this general quality mark, we also have the KPMB IPM Rat Management quality mark. This means that we meet the requirements as set in version 3.0 of the certification scheme “Rat control around buildings and food stores”. This comes from the Stichting Keurmerk Pestmanagement Bedrijven.

In short, at APC you are assured of quality in all respects and complete unburdening when it comes to responsible pest and rat control.


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