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The professional products that APC offers you have proven themselves in the field as guaranteed to be effective. In addition, we are constantly working to develop new and high-quality products ourselves, which solve the problems our customers face. We do not do this alone, but together with renowned suppliers. This way we can always guarantee our customers the best quality.

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Fly control

An effective approach to the occurrence and prevention of flies in and around stables with livestock.

Rodent control

A professional and responsible total approach for rats and mice on and around an agricultural company.
Biologisch beheersing

Organic control

Keeping an agricultural business free from rodents and flies without the use of biocides. It’s possible!
Bloedluis controle

Red mite control

Several 100% biological control methods for the work of red mites in poultry houses.
Bio Enemies®

Organic Fly Control

Our Organic Fly Control products each tackle the life stages of the fly in their own way. In this way, eggs, maggots and pupae have no chance to develop into a fly.

Organic Rodent Control

Organic Rodent Control consists of two control methods. the Organic Rodent Tupo and the Organic Rodent Multi Trap. The Organic Rodent Control Multi Trap is a mouse and rat trap. With this trap it is possible to fight rats and mice in an environmentally friendly and humane way without poison. Organic Rodent Control Tupo is a completely organic fragrance that expels rats and mice due to the intense and threatening smell.

Lokdoos Ultimate Anker
Lokdoos Ultimate Anker

Bait box Ultimate Anchor

The bait box Ultimate Anchor is used to control both rats and mice. This bait box is designed as a durable plastic feed box. Furthermore, this bait box has a handy and safe lock. In addition, the Lok box Ultimate Anker offers the possibility to use various types of bait. This bait box also has the word “Anchor” in its name due to the accompanying anchor that ensures that the bait box does not blow away or fall over.

Organic Red Mite Control – Pred Hypo

Pred Hypo contains a very effective predatory mite species. A natural enemy of the red mite. Pred Hypo detects the red mites in the poultry stable and kills them almost immediately. The existing nuisance caused by red mites is thus combated in a organic and safe way. A unique product that makes an important contribution to sustainable production in the poultry sector.

Bio Enemies®

Why choose professional products?

Flies can multiply to enormous proportions in no time. You can of course try to combat the flies with home, garden and kitchen products. However, this will not only take you a lot of time, but it will probably not be very effective. Instead, feel free to contact us so that we can determine together which of our professional solutions is most suitable for you.


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