Predatory flies to control larvae

Many livestock farms suffer from flies. Flies cause a lot of nuisance to the animals. This can have negative consequences for your livestock and ultimately also cause financial problems. Fly control is therefore an important part for companies in the agricultural sector.

Predatory flies help with fly nuisance

Flying nuisance causes many problems in the agricultural sector. Among other things, they cause unrest and stress in the animals. As a result, feed conversion decreases and production loss increases. In addition, flies also spread all kinds of diseases such as Salmonella, Streptococcus, Summer wrangles and Mastitis. Flies also contaminate the products and materials on your farm, which in turn can lead to unnecessary costs. For these reasons, it is important to deal with fly nuisances in a timely manner. We recommend at all times to combat flies preventively to avoid a lot of nuisance.

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Fly control

An effective approach to the occurrence and prevention of flies in and around stables with livestock.
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Rodent control

A professional and responsible total approach for rats and mice on and around an agricultural company.
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Organic control

Keeping an agricultural business free from rodents and flies without the use of biocides. It’s possible!
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Red mite control

Several 100% biological control methods for the work of red mites in poultry houses.

Fly control with predatory flies

One of our organic control methods for controlling flies is the use of predatory flies. Ophyra Aenescens, also known as black dump fly, is central to this. To ensure that this system is completely free of disease, the predatory flies are grown in laboratories. This means that control with these predatory flies can be applied without any risk to humans and animals.

In practice, it works as follows: with organic fly control with predatory flies, boxes are placed in certain sections of your livestock farm, for example in sections with slurry cellars in pig farming. These boxes are filled with predatory fly dolls. After some time, the predatory flies leave the boxes and settle in the slurry cellar. Once in the slurry cellar, predatory fly larvae will emerge from the eggs laid in the manure. As soon as these larvae are strong enough at some point, they suck the larvae of the house flies empty. This biologically breaks the completion of the housefly’s life cycle.

Organic fly control is not only done at pig farms. We also carry out this control method in cattle farms

Preventing fly nuisance

We recommend at all times to deal with flying nuisance in a timely manner and prevent it from happening. In order to build up and maintain a population of predatory flies that is as healthy as possible, it is very important to repeat this control method with boxes several times a year. With the organic fly control from Agro Pest Control you are completely unburdened. We tackle fly nuisance effectively at the source and ensure that you no longer have any problems stemming from flies. We can also, together with you, draw up a complete control plan with which we will ensure that nuisance from flies is kept to a minimum in the future.

All the benefits of organic


100% natural
Safe for humans, animals and the environment
No resistance build-up
Easy in use
Guaranteed result
Easily applicable

The different life stages of a fly

Eitjes van de vlieg

Eggs from the fly



Maden en motmuggen

Maggots and moths


Fly pupae

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At Agro Pest Control we use organic resources as much as possible. This means that we control flies and crawling insects in a natural way, very effectively and without the use of toxic ingredients. The effectiveness remains the same as with the regular control methods. Moreover, all our organic products are also safe for humans and animals.

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