Rodent control in the agricultural sector

Organic Rodent Control, calls for a preventive and structured approach. APC has been specialized in rodent control in the agrarian sector for over 25 years. We combat rodents using natural methods, so without the use of biocides. This means that our methods are safe for your livestock, employees, and for yourself

Why is preventive rodent control so important?

Problems caused by rodents are often twofold. Rats and mice often damage the stables and are often responsible for the transmission for diseases such as bird flu, salmonella, coccidiosis, foot-and-mouth disease, worms (including tapeworms). The rodents bite through cables, damage walls, floors and roofs, cause unrest in the stable and can eat the feed.

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That a spark from a cable can have disastrous consequences in a dusty area such as a stable?

Our organic solution.

Organic Rodent Control

At APC we use different methods to stop the problems caused by rodents. Our specialists can advise you in the fields of hygiene and prevention measures (for example, closing holes and cracks). This minimizes the chances that you will have to deal with a large pest problem. Firstly, we conduct an investigation that takes place on location. In addition to preventive measures we also set up a control plan. 

Bij APC gebruiken we verschillende methodes om overlast van knaagdieren te stoppen. Zo adviseren onze ervaren specialisten u op het gebied van hygiëne, weringsmaatregelen (denk hierbij aan het dichten van gaten en kieren). Dit minimaliseert de kans dat u daadwerkelijk met een omvangrijk ongedierteprobleem te maken krijgt. Op de eerste plaats doen wij ter plaatse een onderzoek. Naast de preventieve maatregelen stellen wij voor u een bestrijdingsplan op.

Organic Rodent Control – Tupo

Organic Rodent Control Tupo is a completely organic fragrance that, due to its intense and threatening smell, scared of rats and mice. The product imitates the smell of natural enemies combined with a burning smell. The smell simulates an unsafe and threatening environment that rats and mice will avoid. By spreading this specific smell the rodents will start to look for a place where they are safe. 

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Discrete in the grass
Organic Rodent Control Good Nature
Can be placed anywhere
Combinations possible
Combinations possible

Organic Rodent Control – Good Nature

The Organic Rodent Control Multi Trap is a trap for mice and rats. With this trap is is possible to combat mice and rats in an environmentally friendly and humane way without the use of poison. By using a very aggressive attracting substance the rodents are attracted to the trap and will even climb over dead animals. The trap works with gas cartridges that can be used 25 times per cartridge

Organic Rodent Control

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