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Organic beetle control asks for a preventive and structured approach. APC has been specialized in beetle control for the agricultural sector for over 25 years. We combat beetles using natural methods, so without the use of biocides. This means that our methods are safe for your poultry, your employees, and yourself.

The importance of preventive beetle control

A common species in livestock farming is the styrofoam beetle. This type of beetle is commonly found in insulation plates made of styrofoam in the poultry stables. The larvae and beetles feed itself with the fungi that are often found in manure in the stables. To be able to pupate the beetles go and look for a warm and dry place. They drill themselves into the styrofoam plates, that can be damaged by this. Other insulation materials can also be damaged and the styrofoam beetle can be a source of disease for poultry, leading to death. The problems caused by beetles can also cause financial damage. More than enough reason to contact professionals to get rid of the beetles. 

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Predal® parasitises in the larvae of the beetle and reproduces inside of its host causing it to die. This way, the problems caused by the beetle are combatted in a safe, responsible and organic way. Predal® is also a unique pest control product that makes an essential contribution to the sustainable production in poultry farms. 

Predal® is completely organic and there is no consequential damage from using this product because the nematodes do not survive without the larvae of the beetles. With Predal®, combatting beetles sustainably becomes a reality. This connects perfectly to what we want to offer out clients in the poultry sector: a high quality, safe, and effective solution.

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