Every day we offer farmers a tailor-made pest control solution, using organic products as much as possible.

Pest control in the agricultural sector

APC has provided professional pest control services in the agricultural sector for over 25 years. Our products and methods for pest control are used in intensive livestock farming. We specialize in pest control in the agricultural sector and offer farmers a tailor-made pest control solution, using organic products as much as possible. With this we ensure that the pest control we offer is extremely effective and also good for the environment, people and animals.

Why use pest control

Nuisances caused by vermin is a common problem that many livestock farmers have to deal with. Nuisance from flies, rodents, including mice and rats, red mites and maggots. Anyone who has ever dealt with this knows the problems and dangers these pests can present. These pests can transmit diseases, damage and make buildings dirty and cause nuisance and stress to your animals. Professional pest control offers the solution.


Fly control

An effective approach to the occurrence and prevention of flies in and around stables with livestock.

Rodent control

A professional and responsible total approach for rats and mice on and around an agricultural company.
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Organic control

Keeping an agricultural business free from rodents and flies without the use of biocides. It’s possible!
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Red mite control

Several 100% biological control methods for the work of red mites in poultry houses.

Pest Control Services

At APC we offer various pest control services. In order to guarantee the quality of our pest control, we have various quality marks and registrations. Examples include the Quality Mark for Pest Management Companies (KPMB), the quality mark KPMB IPM Rat Management and the IKB PSB registration for recognized poultry service companies. This IKB PSB registration means that we enforce the legislation regarding working hours and guarantee hygiene in poultry stable and animal health care at all times.

With our quality marks and registrations we can offer every farmer quality guarantee in the following pest control services

We are also standardized according to NEN 4400-1. This means that we meet the requirements set for companies that provide staff. We also comply with all obligations arising from this.







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NEN 4400-1
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Organic Pest Control

Food production has been subject to many changes in recent decades. Whereas previously in vegetable cultivation and greenhouse horticulture, biocides were used, this is hardly an issue today. APC is responding to these developments by using organic pest control through the means of organic pesticides as much as possible. For example, in pig stables we release predatory flies to control larvae. We also use parasitic wasps, predatory mites and pheromone traps. The organic pest control that we use provides amazing results and is just as effective as the regular pest control methods.

A biocide reduction of no less than 90%

After the new legislation “Outdoor use of Rodenticides” was introduced and because natural enemies were used in fly control, a biocide reduction of no less than 90% has been achieved. With exactly the same result as with biocides. However, this new organic control method is not easy. For that reason APC has tailored a special training program to this. That is how we can use our organic pest control for every farmer and we can offer every farmer a responsible control solution.

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Our plan of action

With a good control plan, problems caused by vermin can be prevented.

At APC it’s all about relieving the farmer. That is why our experienced control technicians carry out the entire process and keep control over it. This is the only way we can effectively combat the pests and offer our customers a full guarantee. Obviously, this requires a lot of discipline as well as a broad knowledge of the agricultural sector and legislation. The same applies to the latest developments in pest control. In this way, we contribute to responsible food production together with our customers.

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