Pest prevention in the agricultural sector is what APC specializes in. This means that we offer you more than 20 years of experience and versatile expertise.

Pest control for your poultry farm

Pest control in poultry farming usually focuses on tackling flies, red mites and rodents. These pests can cause stress and diseases to your poultry. At APC we know all about this. We have extensive and many years of experience within the agricultural sector and we know the dangers associated with contact between your poultry and vermin. We control pests naturally, so without the use of chemical pesticides. This means that our methods are safe for your livestock, your employees and yourself.

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Pest control in poultry farming
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APC uses safe, non-chemical methods to control pests. We have professional bait boxes and fly catchers, as well as highly advanced natural control methods. Think of the use of predatory mites that eat red mites (the nightmare of every poultry farmer). We also have a predatory fly species specially developed in the laboratory that detects and eats fly larvae in your stable.

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Common pests on livestock farming


Rodents, such as rats and mice, often eat your poultry’s food. It is not uncommon that they also try to eat the eggs and damage your walls and electrical wiring. At APC we help you draw up a control plan and we also find out where and how the rats or mice manage to enter your stables. After all, closing cracks and holes is crucial. We combat the pests that have already found their way in with modern products, such as our bait boxes that have a special anchor so that they do not blow over in the event of bad weather.

Red mites

When it comes to pest control in poultry farming, one often talks about the red mite. This small animal drinks the blood of your poultry and therefore causes stress, anemia, pecking, reduced resistance and even death. This greatly deteriorates animal welfare for your poultry. APC has an advanced, non-chemical solution. We do this by using Bio Enemies®, a predatory mite species that almost immediately puts an end to the red mites in your stable. Not only is Bio Enemies® particularly effective, not affected by temperature fluctuations or changes in humidity, it is also a scientifically proven safe method that does not pose any danger to humans or animals. In addition, it is an eminently natural control method that guarantees the food safety of your product.


Flies are also a major cause of damage in poultry farming. Flies can transmit diseases, cause unrest and stress for your animals and can also be in the way of you and your employees. We therefore offer some effective forms of control against flies. Special TerrAppi® predatory mites are particularly effective against eggs and young larvae. The effects are noticeable almost immediately. To tackle the somewhat larger fly larvae, we use Ophyra Aenescens predatory flies, specially designed in the laboratory.

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Experience and proven effectiveness

APC knows the agricultural sector well and has many years of experience. We work with a team of control specialists who can discuss the best control methods with you during a company visit on site. They can take a lot of work off your hands by drawing up a control plan and then implementing it completely for you.


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