Pest control in livestock farming is what APC specializes in. This means that we offer you more than 20 years of experience and versatile expertise.

Pest control for pig farming
Sustainable and effective

Pest control in pig farming can be a difficult and time consuming task. For example, work must be done on prevention and control and, in addition, the increasingly strict rules must be properly followed. As a pig farmer, APC will largely relieve you of this work. In addition, all our methods are based on natural pesticides that do not pose any danger to you, your employees or your animals. This also guarantees food safety. Both safety and effectiveness have been established after scientific research.

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Effective control of mice and rats

Rodents cause a lot of damage to the farm. Your walls, roofs and floors are often not safe against the gnawing of mice and rats. The same goes for your electricity cables. Your pigs can also be startled by a passing rat or mouse, which can lead to unrest in your stable. They can also transmit diseases. APC can help you take preventive action. For example, our experienced specialists advise you in the field of hygiene, prevention measures (such as closing holes and cracks) and draw up a control plan for you.

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Fly control
MADO Service
Rodent control
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Reduction in biocide

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The natural answer to flies and maggots

Flying in your stable causes many problems. For example, flies can lead to illness and stress in your pigs. This puts animal welfare under pressure. The presence of flies can also cause problems for you and your employees. In addition, the flies you see in your pig farm make up only 15% of the total population. The rest is hidden, often as an egg, made or pupae. APC has various natural prevention and pesticides with which you can quickly get rid of a fly infestation without chemicals. For example, APC uses a predatory mite (TerrAppi®) that feeds on the eggs and small larvae present with an immediately visible effect. Larger larvae are combatted by APCs specially developed lab-developed predatory fly (Ophyra Aenescens). This predatory fly is disease-free itself. APC also knows how to use a natural solution to prevent problems caused by flies. Request a company visit and let our experienced specialists tell you all about our MADO service. For this we use the agent APC Madendood. A precisely calculated dose of this agent enters your slurry storage where it prevents fly larvae from molting. This means that they cannot become fully grown flies. The product works for up to 12 weeks, so that you can concentrate on your farm again without inconveniences.

Chemical-free pest control in pig farming

APC pest control works without chemicals, but with solutions that are proven to be effective. We can rely on our specialized team with years of experience in the agricultural sector. We would be happy to visit you in order to draw up and implement a management plan for you based on an in-depth investigation. That way you can get back to your farm without worrying about damage caused by pests.


Our plan of action

Experience and proven effectiveness

APC knows the agricultural sector well and has many years of experience. We work with a team of control specialists who can discuss the best control methods with you during a company visit on site. They can take a lot of work off your hands by drawing up a control plan and then implementing it completely for you.


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