APC is specialized in pest control in livestock farming. This means that we offer you more than 20 years of experience and versatile expertise.

Pest control for cattle farming sustainable and effective

Pest control in cattle farming can be a difficult and time consuming job. After all, vermin can cause a lot of damage to your cattle farm. From rodents that damage your stables and electricity cables and scare your animals, to flies and maggots that spread a variety of diseases. APC relieves you of work and worries by working with experienced specialists and non-chemical pesticides.

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Pest control in cattle farming

Pests are a significant expense for many owners. In addition, the rules for chemical control are becoming increasingly strict. APC offers you a sustainable and non-chemical alternative, which is completely safe for your employees and your animals and does not entail any risks to food safety. Our experienced team of specialists is ready to prepare a tailor-made solution for your company.

Flies and maggots, prevention and control

Flies spread diseases and can cause stress, and flies can also lead to unpleasant and unsanitary situations for you and your employees. Keep in mind that the flies you see are usually only 15% of the total population. APC uses various natural methods to control a fly infestation. For example, eggs and small larvae are controlled with the TerrAppi® predatory mite. This predatory mite immediately starts looking for the pests and the effects are noticeable almost immediately. We also know what to do with larger larvae. A disease-free predatory fly (Ophyra Aenescens) is used for this purpose, specially developed in the laboratory. With the pupae of the parasitic wasp we then know how to combat the fly pupae.

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Solve the problem at the source

Since you as a cattle farmer have better things to do than constantly fighting problems caused by flies, APC offers you a total solution. Our specialists have a great deal of experience with pest control in cattle farming. Our MADO service tackles fly problems at its source. The 100% natural agent APC Madendood prevents fly larvae from molting. This ensures that they can no longer develop into adult flies. The agent is completely safe for humans and animals and is applied in the correct dose by our experienced specialists in your slurry storage. There is no resistance to this drug which remains effective for up to 12 weeks. So you save time and money by using this natural and sustainable product.


Rodent problems in cattle farming are often twofold. First of all, rats and mice attack your stables. They bite through power cables, damage walls, floors and roofs and are often interested in your food supply. The presence of mice and especially rats is also a major problem for your animals. It frightens your animals, causing unrest in your stable. At APC we use various sustainable and effective methods to stop this nuisance. Firstly, we do a thorough on-site investigation to help you identify the gaps and cracks through which these unwanted guests are able to enter your stables. In addition to preventive measures, we also help you with the actual control. For example, we have the professional bait box Ultimate Anker. This box, which can be equipped with different types of bait, is placed on a special anchor. This anchor ensures that the box remains stable and therefore does not blow over in the case of bad weather.

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Experience and proven effectiveness

APC knows the agricultural sector well and has many years of experience. We work with a team of control specialists who can discuss the best control methods with you during a company visit. They can take a lot of work off your hands by drawing up a control plan and then executing it completely for you.

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