Professional pest prevention

Pest prevention in the agricultural sector is what APC specializes in. This means that we offer you over 25 years of experience and versatile expertise. By choosing our professional services you can prevent major inconvenience, production loss and many other problems caused by vermin. Together with you, we make a tailor-made control plan that will give you a lot of convenience. How can we be of service to you?

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Pest prevention

For over 25 years, APC has been offering you experience and expertise in pest prevention within the agricultural sector. After all, prevention is better than curing. That is why we focus on preventive measures at this service that ensure that you do not suffer from vermin. Regardless of the type of agricultural business in which you operate.

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Organic fly control

The benefits of our organic fly control service are numerous. Thus, this form of control not only contributes to a better environment. Biological control products are also very effective and do not pose any risk to humans and animals. At APC we use the natural enemies of the pests. Think of parasitic wasps, predatory mites and predatory flies.

Predal Service

Maggots (or larva) can be controlled biologically with Organic fly Control Predal. The Predal contains nematodes that parasitize insect larvae, even those of moth mosquitoes that are not susceptible to madendood. An advantage of using Organic fly Control Predal is that no biocides get into the manure storage. We also offer our organic Predal in the form of a service in which a large quantity of microscopic small nematodes are spread in the manure storage with a special pump on a truck.

Rodent control

Rodent prevention

Our professional rodent control helps you get rid of your problem actively and responsibly. Both rats and mice usually cause a lot of nuisance in a company. They not only cause unrest in the stable, but can also transmit diseases. This results in production loss, among other things. Of course you want to avoid this as much as possible. APC is therefore ready for you.

Red mite control

Choose APC’s red mite control and you will keep your poultry healthy. Increasingly, the red mite causes a lot of nuisance at poultry farms in the Netherlands. The animal welfare problems that can be caused by red mites are therefore considerable. Red mites can cause stress, anemia, a reduced resistance, pecking and in the worst case even death. So every reason to call in professionals.


Professional Products

Only the very best products pass APC’s rigorous selection. As a result, you can rely on professional products – such as electric fly lamps – that assure you of the best results. For a company of every size we have a product in our assortment with a suitable range. Would you like to know which fly lamp is most suitable for your company? We would like to invite you to contact us without any obligations.

Total Care Program

Our Total Care Program assures you as a farmer of an A to Z prevention and control plan that completely relieves you of worries. We discuss all the details with you in advance so that you know exactly where you stand. For example, we perform periodic inspections aimed at rodents, we provide biological or chemical fly control and we hang pheromone traps around your company. We offer all this for a fixed and attractive annual price.

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