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Prevention is better than curing

In organic pest control, prevention is better than curing. That is why we are happy to help you draw up a good and thorough control plan. This minimizes the chance that you will actually have to deal with a major pest problem. A control plan consists of several parts:

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Hygiene plan: the cleaner the stables and the surroundings, the smaller the chance that pests can maintain on your farm
Control plan: crucial to keep nuisance under control. The plan includes prevention, control, control and monitoring
Prevention measures: closing cracks and holes and using prevention methods
An action plan is drawn up in which the customer is taken care of. The ultimate goal is a 100% organic control version. In case of a major problems, APC offers extra services to take control of the situation. At the start, biocides can be used (in consultation), in order to achieve quick results. ”

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