Organic control of flies is not only particularly effective, but also contributes to a better environment.

Organic fly control: a responsible choice

Organic fly control is increasingly preferred by agricultural companies in the Netherlands. Why? Easy. Organic control of flies is not just very effective, but also contributes to a better environment. Also, the use of organic control products is completely risk-free for both humans and animals. APC is happy to help you use this natural method.

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The benefits of biological fly control

APC makes a tailor-made fly control plan for you without using chemicals. For example, we use predatory flies and parasitic wasps. These will be sent to you by us according to an agreed upon schedule. It depends on the type of company and the size which natural enemy of the fly we will use for you.

Prevention and control with predatory flies

The Ophyra Aenescens is very important to the natural control method using predatory flies. Also known as the black dump fly. These predatory flies are grown in a laboratory. This is done so that this system is guaranteed free from all diseases. This also means that control with these predatory flies can be used without any risk to humans and animals.

How does that work in practice?

Let’s take pig farming as an example. When using predatory flies, boxes are hung near the slurry storage. These boxes contain the predatory fly pupae. After a while these predatory flies leave the boxes and settle in the slurry storage. This has to do with the fact that predatory flies do not like light. Once in the slurry storage, predatory fly larvae will emerge from the eggs laid in the manure. If these larvae are strong enough at some point, they suck the larvae of the house flies empty.

All the benefits of organic


100% natural
Safe for humans, animals and the environment
No resistance build-up
Easy in use
Guaranteed result
Easily applicable


We also use organic resources. This means that we effectively combat flying and crawling insects in a natural way, without the use of toxic ingredients. Do not worry about the effectiveness: it is completely the same. Also, our biological products are safe for humans and animals.

Organic fly control

Multiple treatments per year

In order to build up and maintain a population of predatory flies that is as healthy as possible, it is important to repeat this treatment with boxes several times a year. This includes the natural prevention and control methods using predatory flies in pig farms. However, if you have a cattle farm, the predatory fly pupae are scattered directly on and over the manure. Whatever type of company you have: problems will either be prevented or will soon be a thing of the past.

Using parasitic wasps

We also use parasitic wasps in organic fly control without chemicals. The parasitic wasps are applied to dry or straw manure systems using Mucidifurax spp. To give you an idea, a single pack of parasitic wasp pupae can produce around 15,000 offspring. Each parasitic wasp pupa produces about 6 to 10 parasitic wasps. These in turn develop from the pupae and after a few days start to hunt for the pupae of house flies. They then lay their eggs in it. The parasitic wasp larvae then fill with the contents of the fly pupae. This prevents new flies from developing and in no time you will have no more fly problems.









Fly control

An effective approach to control and prevent flies in and around stables with livestock.

Rodent control

A professional and responsible total approach for rats and mice on and around an agricultural company.
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Organic control

Keeping an agricultural business free from rodents and flies without the use of biocides. It’s possible!
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Red mite control

Several 100% biological control methods for controlling red mites in poultry houses.

Our plan of action

With a good control plan, nuisance caused by vermin can be prevented.

At APC it’s all about helping the farmer. That is why our experienced control technicians carry out the entire process and keep control over it. This is the only way we can effectively combat the pests and offer our customers a full guarantee. Obviously, this requires a lot of discipline as well as a a wide range of knowledge of the agricultural sector and legislation. The same applies to the latest developments in pest control. This way, we contribute to responsible food production together with our customers.

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