Biological method of fly control

Organic fly control requires a preventive and structured approach. As you may know, adult flies make up only 15% of the total fly population. The remaining 85% is found as an egg. maggot or pupae in, for example, the manure storage or feed residues.Therefore it is very important to start a fly control plan on time, our objective is to prevent problems. This way, eggs, maggots and pupae have no chance to develop into a flies.

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The different life stages of a fly

Eitjes van de vlieg Organic Fly control

Eggs from the fly



Maden en motmuggen Organic Fly control

Maggots and moths


Fly pupae

1. Eggs from the Fly: Organic Fly Control – Pred Mite

The eggs of the fly are laid in warm, moist and nutrient-rich places (such as manure and feed residues). Just a few hours later, small white maggots are already emerging. The regular release of predatory mites keeps the fly eggs and young larvae of flies under control in a natural way. Predatory mites function perfectly in both dry and moist manure and where straw is used.

2a. Maggots: Organic Fly Control – Pred fly

The maggot (or larva) of a fly loses its skin twice. Maggots can be fully grown after 3 to 4 days. We tackle this stage of the fly by regularly setting out tubes with pupae of special predatory flies. The tube containing the pupae is hung or put out in an open stable or in sections where slurry is stored. The predatory flies leave the tube and will nest in the slurry storage; the predatory fly is shy of light. After some time the larva will emerge from the egg placed in the manure. When the larva is strong enough, it sucks up the larvae of the house fly.

2b. Maggots and moths: Organic Fly Control – Predal

Organic Moth Control Predal contains nematodes that parasitize insect larvae, even those of moth mosquitoes that are not susceptible to Madendood. An advantage of using Organic Moth Control Predal is that no biocides enter the manure storage.

3. Fly pupae – Fly pupae: Organic Fly Control – Wasp

Organic Fly Control – Wasp In the fly’s third stage of life, the maggot changes into a brown, cylindrical pupa. This is where the adult fly develops. The fly can hatch at the earliest 7 days after the egg has been laid. The Organic Fly Control Wasp (parasitic wasps) are scattered in the stable. As soon as the wasps develop from the pupae, they hunt for fly pupae to lay their eggs in. The larvae of the parasitic wasps then fill with the contents of the fly pupa. In this way the development of new flies is prevented. Six to ten parasitic wasps emerge from each pupa. The contents of this package can produce approximately 15,000 offspring (parasitic wasps).

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Lifecycle Organic Fly control

Adult fly

The control and control of the adult fly is tackled by installing fly lamps and biological fly catchers. The presence of swallows on your farm will also limit the amount of adult flies. The adult fly (the fly we see flying) is only 15% of the total population. 85% is still in the manure pit as an egg, maggot or pupae.

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APC offers extra service in the event of major problems

Starting up organic fly control is only possible once the fly population on the farm is under control. Is there a larger size fly problem? APC provides two services to address these issues:


A large quantity of microscopic small nematodes are spread in the manure with a special pump on a truck. In this way we can combat maggots in an effective and responsible manner. As soon as the problem is manageable, we will switch to APC’s biological program.

MADO Control

With MADO-Control we are able to quickly and always apply Madendood in your manure. The professional approach of our specialists saves you time and you are assured of a good result.

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