Do you have an agricultural company and are you looking for professional fly control? At APC we offer you tailor-made solutions.

Our preventive fly control also ensures that you can save a lot of costs. How that exactly works? Did you know that the flies you see make up only 15% of the total population? This means that the majority of them are eggs, made of pupa is located in manure pits and feed residues, etc. If these are only controlled when there are already many flies, it is way too late.

Why preventive fly control is so important

It is necessary to start fighting eggs, maggots and pupae in time. If you don’t do this, you may encounter the following problems:

  • disease spread (including Salmonella, Mastitis, Streptococcus and (Summer) wry);
  • restlessness in your animals, or even stress, causing loss of production and poorer feed conversion;
  • contamination of your products and materials;
  • poorer feed intake caused by flies

In other words, by combating flies preventively, you avoid a lot of problems and the costs that you would have incurred in regular fly control. At APC we specialize in this preventive control method.

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We also use organic resources. This means that we effectively control flying and crawling insects in a natural way, without the use of toxic ingredients. Do not worry about its effectiveness: it is completely the same. Moreover, our organic products are safe for humans and animals.

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How does fly control work?

Predatory flies, mites and parasitic wasps

You know better than anyone that the rules on the use of chemical agents in the agricultural sector are becoming increasingly strict. Often these products pose great risks to both your animals and the environment. When using predatory flies, mites and parasitic wasps, none of these risks are an issue at APC.

Combatting the eggs

We use predatory mites in the natural control of fly eggs and young larvae. These predatory mites eat the fly eggs and larvae, so that the fly population is naturally controlled. These predatory mites thrive in both dry and moist manure and in areas where straw is used.

Combatting maggots

Maggots can also be controlled by means of nematodes that parasitize insect larvae, even those of moth mosquitoes that are not susceptible to Madendood. An advantage of using Organic Moth Control Predal is that no biocides get into the manure storage.

Fight against fly pupae

We use parasitic wasps in the natural fly control of pupae. Or rather, the pupae of the parasitic wasp. The agent Muscidifurax spp. solves flying problems with dry or straw manure systems.

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Fly control

All the benefits of organic


100% natural
Safe for humans, animals and the environment
No resistance build-up
Easy in use
Guaranteed result
Easily applicable


All our services for total unburdening


Fly control

An effective approach to the occurrence and prevention of flies in and around stables with livestock.

Rodent control

A professional and responsible total approach for rats and mice on and around an agricultural company.
Biologisch beheersing

Organic control

Keeping an agricultural business free from rodents and flies without the use of biocides. It’s possible!
Bloedluis controle

Red mite control

Several 100% biological control methods for the work of red mites in poultry houses.

Our plan of action

With a good control plan, nuisance caused by vermin can be prevented.

At APC it’s all about unburdening the farmer. That is why our experienced control technicians carry out the entire process and keep control over it. This is the only way we can effectively combat the pests and offer our customers a full guarantee. Obviously, this requires a lot of discipline as well as a broad knowledge of the agricultural sector and legislation. The same applies to the latest developments in pest control. In this way, we contribute to responsible food production together with our customers.

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APC offers extra service in the event of major nuisance

Starting up organic fly control is only possible once the fly population on the farm is under control. Is there a larger size fly problem? APC provides two services to address these issues:


A large amount of microscopic small nematodes are spread in the manure with a special pump on a truck. In this way we can combat maggots in an effective and responsible manner. As soon as the problems are manageable, we will switch to APC’s organic program.

MADO Control

With MADO-Control, we are able to quickly and always apply Madendood in your manure. The professional approach of our specialists saves you time and you are assured of a good result.


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