Increasingly, the red mite causes a lot of problems at poultry farms in the Netherlands. Choose APC’s red mite control to you keep your poultry healthy.

Our red mite control keeps your poultry healthy

Choose APC’s red mite control and you will keep your poultry healthy. Increasingly, the red mite causes a lot of problems at poultry farms in the Netherlands. Animal welfare problems that can arise from red mites are therefore substantial. Red mites can cause stress, anemia, reduced resistance, pecking and in the worst case even death. More than enough reasons to call professionals.

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Red mite control in a natural way

At APC you will find these professionals who have years of experience and expertise in the agricultural sector, including poultry farms. We use organic control products for this. This means that the natural enemy of, among other things, the red mite is used to prevent or effectively remedy serious problems. In the case of red mites, for example, we effectively use a predatory mite species.

Combating red mites with predatory mite species

The natural control product that we use for red mites is Pred Hypo. This product contains a highly effective predatory mite species that is known to be the natural enemy of the red mite. Pred Hypo searches for the red mites in poultry houses to kill them almost immediately. As a result, the existing problems caused by red mites is combated in a safe, responsible and organic manner. Pred Hypo is therefore a unique pest control product that makes an essential contribution to the sustainable production of poultry farms.


We also use organic resources. This means that we effectively control flying and crawling insects in a natural way, without the use of toxic ingredients. Do not worry about the effectiveness: it is completely the same. Moreover, our organic products are safe for humans and animals.

Biologische bestrijding
Keurmerk plaagdier managment
NEN 4400-1

Organic Red Mite Control – Pred Hypo in practice

Red mite control with Pred Hypo has been intensively tested in practice for many years. This pest control product therefore has many unique and valuable properties. For example, insensitive to, among other things, temperature fluctuations in the poultry house, as well as fluctuations in humidity. Moreover, thorough research has proven that Pred Hypo does not pose any risk to both humans and animals. This is the reason why we use this effective pesticide with complete conviction.

A sustainable pest control product

Moreover, Pred Hypo is sustainable. All current issues are addressed by this pest control product. Whether it concerns quality, food safety, responsible animal disease control or the environment. With Pred Hypo, sustainable control of red mites is simply reality. This fits in perfectly with what we want to offer our customers in the poultry sector: a solution that is reliable, effective and of high quality.

Guaranteeing quality

In order to guarantee this high quality, APC has various quality marks and registrations. For example, in the field of red mite control and overall quality in the poultry sector, we are IKB PSB registered. This is a quality control system for the livestock, meat and egg sectors in the Netherlands. This guarantees the quality of products of animal origin. The addition PSB stands for Poultry Service Companies. This means that the quality of service is also guaranteed at registered companies.


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APC’s action plan

Our red mite control plan starts with an analysis of the problems at the poultry farmer. From there, we draw up a detailed action plan. In this we include, among other things, the deployment schedule with which we will combat the red mite. We ensure that it connects seamlessly to the specific business situation. APC then follows the process closely and we guide the poultry farmer where necessary and where desired.







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