Pest control in Livestock Farming

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About APC

APC is a professional pest control company in the agrarian sector. We only work with the best products and certified specialists. With more than 20 years of experience in many different control methods for agrarian companies you can trust our expertise. Together with you we will make a personalised control plan that we will professionally execute for you.

Digital service

At APC we are up-to-date. That is why we have developed a system so that you always have all the information regarding your control plan available to you digitally. Here you can see our findings, the logbook and much more.

Ensuring quality

To be confident in the quality of our services, we at APC have multiple quality marks and registrations. For example, we have the general Quality Mark for Pest Management Companies (KPMB) and also the quality mark KPMB IPM Rat Control. We are also IKB PSB recognized specifically for the poultry sector. Because we make labor available, we are also NEN 4400-1 standardized.

Hygiene is a high priority for us

Hygiene is of big influence on how high your risk of pests is. That is why we always have a hygiene closet for our pest controllers at your company. In this closet we have the right clothing, clean boots and gloves. This closet also serves to store the pest control products in a safe and responsible way. We arrive clean and with this we also leave the company clean.


At APC you pay a fixed rate per year. For this rate a specialist regularly comes to inspect your company. APC works both curatively and preventively. As a result of this you company is free of pests and problems. Do you want to know more? Please feel free to contact us for more information.

How do we work? Watch our company video here.

The benefits of

Agro Pest Control

Free first company visit
In-depth research beforehand
Fixed price per year
Fast results
Systematic follow-up
Complete unburdening
Responsible control methods
Durable and future-proof

Joan Rooijakkers

Joan Rooijakkers

Commercial Director

In 1996 I started at Bisseling BV in Gemert I started to set up professional pest control for agrarian companies. This company later became Protekta pest control.

Back in the day only toxins were used. Together with Protekta I developed the use of organic pest control for all kinds of companies in the year 1997-2004. We had our own cattle farm as a test-company at the time.

Organic pest control is still evolving today, look at mite and beetle control for example. Agricultural businesses realize that this method of pest control reduces the use of biocides by 70% and helps against the development of resistance. In this period I have given many presentations to compound feed companies, study clubs, Helicon training etc.

In 2014 Protekta was taken over by Rentokil.

Since January of 2015, I work for Agro Pest Control with a close-knit group to achieve further professionalization of pest control in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany.

Agro Pest Control helps you get rid of your pests.

René van den Heuvel

René van den Heuvel

Senior account manager

In 2008 I started as product manager at APC. My job was to make a control plan against pests and execute it.

The goal is still to keep the farm free of any unwanted guests such as: flies, rodents, cockroaches etc. During my career I have given many presentations for study groups and agricultural schools. I also gave lectures at the University of Utrecht.

Pest control includes: research, planning and a responsible execution. Our goal is to reach the optimal result with as little biocide as possible.The development of the mado-services was one of my pillars and is still an important aspect in optimal fly control.

I also see that organic fly control is becoming an increasingly important aspect in a control plan. The predatory flies, mites and parasitic wasps take over large parts of the control.

Agro Pest Control is a leading company in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. Our experienced and fully certified pest controllers work independently and with a lot of enthusiasm at APC. We have specialized in the agricultural sector. The knowledge we have gained is indispensable in the making of a customised control plan.